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"The Class (Entre Les Murs)"

Directed by Laurent Cantet.
Written by François Bégaudeau.
Starring François Bégaudeau and a bunch of ragtag French kids.
Release Year:  2008
Review Date:  3/16/09


Nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film award at this year's Oscars, I knew that "The Class" was good in at least a few people's eyes...Meg and I took in a matinee over the weekend and I thought the film was aces.

That's because no matter where you go, inner city schools in Paris and L.A. have many of the same problems, and in taking a view of one school year at a school in a tough part of town, "The Class" gives us the daily battle that is the life of Mr. Marin (François Bégaudeau, playing a fictional version of himself as this is based on his life as a teacher) as he tries to teach French and life lessons to a multi-ethnic group of teens.  (The teens are actual students, although it is unclear to me if they were actual students of Bégaudeau's or another teacher.)  Some kids have problems at home; some kids have VISA problems at home.  Other kids don't know how to treat other kids of their own race, or if there is treatment required at all.  There isn't a single scene where one kid passes a note to another kid in the class whom he/she "likes."  The teacher commiserates with other teachers, and in a couple of scenes, teachers openly express frustration with the motivation of the youths in their respective classes.

There is a ton of stuff in "The Class", and you will be shocked how cliché-free the film half expect there to be at least one scene where a gang of the students bully up somebody else, or someone has an uncomfortable "I Don't Know WHAT a Condom Is!" sequence with the school nurse, or if Coolio is going to show up to break up "Gangsta's Paradise."  There's no campaign for class president or cheerleaders or jocks or kids sexting during class (although, cell phones do make an appearance).  Nope..."The Class" is purely about the stuff in the classroom, and I was amazed at how much mileage the movie got out of its young un-actor-filled cast and the still-surprising decision that the director made to cast the book's author in the movie as the teacher.  I mean, it all works, and it won the best film award at the Cannes Film Festival last year (even IF there was a bit of a hometown lean on that one, eh?).

Even though this is required material for anyone working within the walls of any school anywhere (past or present), I really thought "The Class" was excellent and told a very well-layered story of what it might be like to teach kids in this day and age.  Tasty!

Rating:  Opening Weekend


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