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"Chicken Run"

Directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park.
Written by Karey Kirkpatrick.
Starring the voices of Mel Gibson, Julia Sawalha and Miranda Richardson.
Release Year:  2000
Review Date:  7/4/00 


Wow!  You're probably thinking, “Man, does Justin have a life?”  I would tell you yes, but you might not believe me.  It is true that I have been in a movie theater each of the last five days, but it is the same as you going to the gym to work out three or four times a week, or hanging out with your girlfriend four or five times a week...I get a lot of happiness out of spending two hours in the theater getting sucked into a world all its own.

Speaking of which, today's film selection is delightful (yes, I just said that...and, I'm younger than 45 years old) in all the ways that animated movies should be.  “Chicken Run”—not so much animated as claymated—comes to us from the creators of “Wallace & Gromitt”, an animated work that won many accolades for its creativity and ingenious interaction between the two main characters.  In “Chicken Run”, the idea is hilarious:  a group of British chickens, led by a chick named Ginger, try and break out of the chicken farm that they are being held captive in by a couple of mean lowlifes that are looking to make it rich in the chicken-killing business.  When the couple installs a huge pie-making machine to strike it rich, Ginger and friends step up their plans to break out of their prison with the help of a newfound friend—an American rooster named Rocky Rhodes (voice of Mel Gibson)—who will hopefully teach the chickens how to fly.

And, that's really it.  This kids' movie was kept intentionally simple so that the filmmakers would have time to introduce us to many of the chicken characters, all but one of whom are white British female voices, and establish the friendship and day-to-day activities that the chickens must endure while in captivity.  It sounds funny, but this movie does have a little bit of the “Women in Prison” film series in this regard.  But, I loved the animation of the chicken characters; I loved it anytime the chickens were all shown smiling, or frowning, or screaming, since the way the chickens are drawn makes them all look really funny when they are doing simple expressions such as those.  And, making them all British was a great idea, since this allows them to spout off a bunch of funny lines in hot British accents.

Gibson is great here; this is a side of him that we don't normally get to see/hear, because usually he is spending time on screen killing a lot of people.  As the only real stud on this female-infested haven, Rocky gets to live it up as the females swoon after him in the pen.  The main supporting characters, which include an overweight chicken named Babs and two rats that are always trying to sell Ginger new gadgets and trinkets in exchange for glorious chicken eggs, are all great.  The filmmakers even include a chicken dance sequence!  I mean, what more can you want:  chickens, rats, and a rooster dancing to some rock & roll!!

This is the kind of G-rated movie that I liked; it really does have little movie in-jokes that appeal to an older audience that don't detract from the fun young'uns will have.  So, if you are feeling like you need to show up with little kids, don't...this movie works in a similar way to “Babe”, a G-rated movie that came out a few years ago that had some real good mass age appeal.  Highly recommended!

Rating:  $8.25 Show


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