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"Cabin Fever"

Directed by Eli Roth.
Written by Eli Roth and Randy Pearlstein.
Starring Rider Strong and Jordan Ladd.
Release Year:  2003
Review Date:  10/20/03 


The run of horror films continues in the two-double-oh-three; man, I am sure I have never seen so many horror flicks in the course of one year.  This time around, my friend Cassie and I took in “Cabin Fever” because, well, we both love horror flicks and watching white folks kill each other in the backwoods of society for no good reason.

The plot is vague, perhaps intentionally:  a group of five college grads take off and head out for a week at a secluded cabin to hang out, drink beer, and “discover themselves”, which is in and of itself quite funny.  Problem is that they run into this guy that has a REALLY bad skin condition—so bad, in fact, that when he is accidentally killed and dumped into a local reservoir, he infects all of the local water, and as the residents of town and the kids in the cabin drink the water...well, needless to say, folks start goin’ off and dyin’!!

“Cabin Fever” has good scares and some decent laughs once folks start catchin’ the fever, but up to that point, the film is crazy-slow and very uninteresting.  We have the requisite parts for a film of this type, so there are hick locals, hot coeds that have sex for sex sake, frat guys and very questionable decision-making on the part of all involved when faced with dark tunnels.  The hicks in “Cabin Fever” are fantastic; they are hilariously stereotyped and by the time you get one kid dancing around in the street yelling out “Pancakes!” for no reason, man, it was all working for me.  There are some pretty sweet kills and even though the fever itself (and its origins) is oddly unexplained, I liked that about the film since it has a lack of resolution that leaves some of the story up for debate.  This will annoy some people (much like those who didn’t like NOT knowing what was in the briefcase in “Ronin”) but it works for a horror film where the focus is on everyone’s newfound instinct to try and not catch the fever.

I didn’t recognize a single face in the cast, which was fine for me; as low-budget as mainstream Hollywood films can be, I would imagine that this film had already made back its budget in just its first week of release.  The effects are fine, the blood and gore level is perfect, the music is spooky and that cabin sure does look isolated.  For a summer with a high body count, “Cabin Fever” has a death toll much lower than some of the other horror flicks this year, but this is made up for by some great kill scenes and that nasty skin condition seems to get nastier each time somebody gets the fever.  Solid.

“Cabin Fever” won’t do you wrong, and it does well in a theatrical environment; it’s not something that will be remembered even two years from now, but you can always do worse spending your movie at the movieplexes these days...

Rating:  Matinee


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