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"The Brothers Grimm"

Directed by Terry Gilliam.
Written by Ehren Kruger.
Starring Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Peter Stormare and Monica Bellucci.
Release Year:  2005
Review Date:  9/5/05


A piece of fucking awful dogshit from the word go, "The Brothers Grimm" was so bad that my man Ross and I still couldn't stop talking about it days later in terms of its utter fuckity-shitness.  This is even more shocking when you consider the resumes of the crew involved:

  • Director:  Terry Gilliam.  Has made unquestionably-great films in "Brazil", "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "12 Monkeys."

  • Hottie:  Monica Bellucci.  The star of "Irreversible" who made waves in the two sequels to "The Matrix."

  • Scribe:  Ehren Kruger.  Wrote "Scream 3" and "Arlington Road."

  • Star:  Matt Damon, who since his career nadir in "Gerry" has picked very well over the last three years (including the Jason Bourne films, "Ocean's Twelve" and hilarious cameos in "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" and "Eurotrip."

Given all of this, you wouldn't have a Hard Vice rating top of mind...but, then again, this film was dumped into theaters in August, the traditional shitground of American releases that just don't have "it."  And from the beginning, it is VERY obvious why the film was slotted here; "The Brothers Grimm" is devoid of everything that makes a movie even kinda good, be it an interesting plot, well-written characters, magical whimsy (trust me, good films have it), adventure, action, or just plain logic.  The Brothers themselves, Wil (Damon) and Jacob (Heath Ledger, certainly the most unlucky Aussie star working in the U.S. today), have zero chemistry and are therefore unwatchable in their scenes together; apart, things aren't much better.  The special effects look a little cheap given the pieces assembled here; the score is uninspired; even Peter Stormare (most famously in "Fargo") is awful, and worse, Gilliam seems to use takes of his dialogue that are total aural blurs.

Wow, I couldn't believe how bad this was, and like some other films this year, seems to not know when to cut bad, the film runs for just over two hours, when it seemed like the Brothers' mission of taking out an evil dead queen (Bellucci) should have taken two trips into the Enchanted Forest and then been completed.  Even the fairy tale references to other stories didn't work for me; seeing Hansel and Gretel was ineffective, and then a surprisingly weird/violent Gingerbread Man sequence left the 20 people in my theater all wondering if Gilliam has completely lost his fucking mind.  Jonathan Pryce, another great actor that seems to always be in the wrong films, plays the general of the French army that has occupied Germany in the early 1800s...he, too, is useless in his role.

Jeez.  Right now, this is the front-runner for the worst film of the year...but, I have a feeling that something else could overtake it when 2005 is said and done.  But right now, I've still got that bad taste in my mouth!

Rating:  Hard Vice


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