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"The Brave One"

Directed by Neil Jordan ("The Crying Game", "The Good Thief").
Written by Roderick Taylor, Bruce A. Taylor and Cynthia Mort.
Starring Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard, Nicky Katt and Naveen Andrews.

Release Year:  2007
Review Date:  9/19/07


Jodie Foster, cappin' fools?  DMX track in the trailer?  I'm THERE!

Okay, I wasn't THAT excited to see the new Foster revenge flick "The Brave One", but I typically like Foster and she doesn't work very often, so that usually forces me into seeing her films even though lately, she hasn't been that lucky.  (How unlucky?  Two different people made jokes about freakin' "Contact" when talking about Foster love interests in movies, and "Contact" came out in '97.)  In fact, sorting through IMDB, she's only starred in six films in the last 13 years (she popped up briefly in a couple others, including "Inside Man" last summer), odd even for someone who took time off to raise a family.

"The Brave One" is hampered mainly by its lack of creativity; worse, if you've seen the trailer, you have literally seen every single time Foster's character even shoots anybody.  Playing a New York City DJ who loses her fiancé in a brutal attack by three hoods in Central Park, Foster is strong as a woman (really) scorned by this act of violence and rather than trusting that the NYPD will do its job and catch the killers, she sets off on her own to put down anyone who gets in her way.  Prowling the streets at night with her handbag and her 9mm handgun, this lady is a load that can't be stopped!

Because you probably saw at least one commercial for "The Brave One", the surprises are non-existent; the film gets its jollies from the rush of watching a normal woman pushed to the brink cap everybody with no consequences.  In-between killings, we get to watch Good, Honest Detective Mercer (Terrence Howard) and his partner, a sap named Vitale (Nicky Katt), try to make sense of all of these random deaths.  As my buddy Brian noted, the cop sequences, in a word, suck.  Or they blow.  You pick, but either way, they are bad.  Even the sequences where the Foster character tries to make sense of her newfound love of killing bad people--mainly in the form of chattiness on her radio show--aren't really well done, either.

But, the film gets a lot from the charisma of both Foster and Howard, even if Howard's character is very poorly written.  Even though I'm going Matinee on this, it's better left for a rental; you might enjoy it more in the comfort of your own home, and you can skip through some of the bad cop dialogue there, too!

Rating:  Matinee


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