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Directed by Tim Story.
Written by Mark Brown, Don D. Scott, and Marshall Todd.
Starring Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson and Cedric the Entertainer.
Release Year:  2002 
Review Date:  10/16/02


I was excited to see this when it opened, but alas, it opened in September, so I had to wait!  Was it worth it?  Yes and no.

See, the thing about “Barbershop” is just feels really sanitized.  Ice Cube produced and stars in the film as Calvin, the son of a Chicago barber that inherited Dad’s shop two years prior and is desperately trying to offload the shop to recover the debt on the shop property.  On the day that he sells the shop to a local scumbag (Keith David, great once again), he realizes what the shop means to the community and tries to buy it back.  Along the way, he’s got heads to cut and co-workers to keep in line, a pregnant wife at home and some bad Chicago weather to deal with!

When “Barbershop” is in the shop, the movie is good times.  It is funny, and it just feels like everyone is hangin’ out.  This is easy to do with the talent that Ice Cube brought on here—Sean Patrick Thomas (“Save the Last Dance”), rapper Eve, Michael Ealy (as Ricky) and of course, Cedric the Entertainer, who makes every scene he is in great and his use of the f-word is one of the great f-word scenes of the year.  The interplay between the barbers is classic ghetto barbershop and even though the characters are pretty stereotyped (the white guy, the educated guy, the foreigner, the old-school guy, the thug, the girl), the dialogue in the shop works.

My thing with that conversation, though, was that there just wasn’t enough profanity.  I know this sounds strange, but bear with me here.  If you have been to a black shop before, man, the cursing sometimes over the arguments in these places is over-the-top.  Plus, you have ICE CUBE, EVE and CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER standing in there, and you just expect them to start breaking out stories loaded with profanity.  But, for the most part, it never comes...and so, the arguments are sometimes political, sometimes biological...and, it just felt like they were shooting for a TV version of a barbershop the whole time, not a film version.  Director Tim Story does a great job with what he has, but I just sat there the whole time waiting for one of the guys to ask Cedric’s character about women and for him to go off about getting laid or something.

That part of the movie is pretty good though, $9.00 Show-good.  But, for whatever reason, the writers of “Barbershop” couldn’t figure out any other way to loop in the movie’s opening scene than to have periodical interludes with a bumbling two-man robbery team led by JD (Anthony Anderson, the big black dude from, ahem, action classics “Romeo Must Die” and “Exit Wounds”).  Save for a couple of moments when Anderson is screaming in pain over dropping a stolen ATM on his foot or fingers, his scenes all totally, totally blow.  I found them so unfunny that I thought about hurling my jacket at the projector to cover up the atrocity that was his scenes every time they came on.  Totally shitty, and worse, they take up about a quarter of the film.

Overall, “Barbershop” does a decent number of things right, but the best thing the producers could have done was to have a two-hour movie take place just inside a barbershop with Cedric the Entertainer talking about Jesse Jackson.  Man, that Cedric guy is funny.

Rating:  Matinee


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