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"Bangkok: Dangerous"

Directed by The Pang Brothers.
Written by The Pang Brothers.
Starring Pawalit Mongkolpisit.
Release Year:  1999 
Review Date:  10/21/01


I was going to catch one of the higher profile movies that came out this weekend first, but then I decided I would go "artsy" and see a foreign film.  As many of you know, most of the foreign films I see are either Spanish or of some Asian descent, so "Bangkok: Dangerous" fit the bill.

I am writing this review knowing that this film is not available in all markets, so sit back and relax, cause you might learn something!  This film came out last year abroad and was released here just now, but you can see why it was brought here based on the strength of the stylistic direction of two men who are simply credited as "The Pang Brothers."  (One of the producers was credited as "Uncle", leading me to believe that I need to go ahead and change my name to "Lucious Stone" before somebody else takes it!)  The film follows the movements of a deaf mute hitman named Kong that, along with his partner Joe, carries out periodical hits on businessmen, media executives, politicians, you name it.  As you can imagine, the hitmen get set up and sold out, so after some unfortunate double-crosses, revenge is on the minds of the "good" guys as they try to figure out who wants them dead.

The plot is simple, I admit it.  But, the way the script deals with the life of Kong is the most interesting part of the film.  How does a deaf mute hitman live his lifestyle if he can't hear and he can't speak?  Three-fourths of the film deals with this aspect and it is interesting to see how he pursues a relationship with a pharmacist named Fon and works within some strict workplace parameters like gunfire from behind.  Sure, the film is way too violent—knives are used in vicious ways in this film—and only passing mention is made of how Kong has affected the families of the victims he has wiped out in his line of business.

However, "Bangkok: Dangerous" seems to aspire beyond the traditional hitman film and hits on levels that only films as good as "The Professional" have in the past—showing us some of the inner feelings of the guy doing the crimes and also delivering some kickass action in short bursts throughout the movie.  If you aren't too squeamish and you can find this film, check it out—pretty interesting stuff, and further proof that this year at the movies won't be a total loss.

Rating:  $8.25 Show


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