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"Baby Mama"

Directed by Michael McCullers.
Written by Michael McCullers (co-writer of "Undercover Brother").
Starring Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Dax Shepard and Greg Kinnear.
Release Year:  2008
Review Date:  5/12/08


There's no other way to say it--"Baby Mama" is a Hard Vice, pure and simple.

This is supposed to be a comedy, but I'll be damned if I laughed more than five times while watching this absolute piece of shit briquette today after work; rarely do I see films that seem to be so misguided, randomly cast, or poorly executed.  It also felt like the filmmakers behind "Baby Mama"--including the film's director, first-time auteur Michael McCullers--almost knew that this would be bad, because the transitions for the film are awful and there are long stretches where my audience didn't laugh at all during scenes that were clearly meant to be funny.

Tiny Fey plays Kate, a 37-year-old single woman who has incredible success at her company and a personal life that is going in the exact opposite direction.  But, as bad as her dating life is, she knows one thing--she really wants a baby, so after learning that her uterus is "no good", she enlists the help of a baby services firm (or whatever the fuck they're called) to find a woman to carry her eggs through to birth...a woman who turns out to be a trailer-trash sack named Angie (Amy Poehler).  Lack of comedy ensues.

I admit that I had not heard good or bad about "Baby Mama" coming into this; in fact, I hadn't even seen a trailer for the film, odd since it has Tina Fey and a few other stars in it, but not that odd since I don't watch much TV and I almost never watch NBC, which I am sure broadcast the hell out of these trailers.  But, what a fucking dog this movie was!  You cast Dax Shepard in your movie, you are asking for trouble...I don't think that Poehler has been great in any of the films she has appeared in, but she just isn't better than spot duty her this meaty of a role was just a bad idea from the jump.  How many times can Fey play the socially awkward EveryWhiteWoman?  Kinnear looks like he stumbled onto the lot just in time to shoot a movie...and, Sigourney Weaver?  I really thought that Weaver would settle into older age nicely with roles in movies like "Galaxy Quest" and the severely underappreciated "Heartbreakers"...after a useless cameo in "Be Kind Rewind" and a role like this in "Baby Mama", the limit's the sky, friends!

As bad as the casting is, even a good cast couldn't make this script's easy to gauge a comedy if no one in your theater is laughing, especially in points where the filmmakers have built in pauses for what they think will be laughter, or bits where you can tell that something was meant to be funny on paper, but in execution was not.  And, "Baby Mama" just didn't make me laugh, and I'm pretty easy when it comes to laughter normally.  Of course, if your movie fucking blows...

Rating:  Hard Vice


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