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"The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"

Directed by Andrew Dominik.
Written by Andrew Dominik.  Based on the novel by Ron Hansen.
Starring Casey Affleck, Brad Pitt, Sam Rockwell and Sam Shepard.

Release Year:  2007
Review Date:  10/11/07


The review won't totally reflect this, but I was a bit disappointed by "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" (which will be referred to as "TAJJCRF") because its beautiful print and sexy visuals never come equipped with a story, character development or even vague excitement to make it a complete package.

Casey Affleck plays our coward, Robert; a loser from the start, Robert hooks up with The James Gang in 1881 hoping just to be around his hero Jesse James (Brad Pitt), whom he has idolized for years.  What Robert doesn't know is that Jesse and his older brother Frank James (Sam Shepard) have just completed their last train robbery, and are planning to semi-retire to a life of family and hiding from the Pinkertons.  Despite this, Robert--who's never amounted to anything and never seems to show the hope that he'll overcome his humble beginnings--and his brother Charlie (Sam Rockwell) have been friends of friends of Jesse for years, so when Jesse needs a couple more riding partners, he enlists the services of the Ford brothers to pal around the greater Missouri area while Jesse stays out of view from lawmen.

Other things are going on here, but that's the bulk of the movie, and thankfully, "TAJJCRF" is very, very beautiful to watch.  The cinematography is excellent but the visuals are often stunning, stark vistas of an Old West that rarely features shootouts and horse chases but give us plenty to chew on and stare at all film long.  It's the "long" part that is the problem; at 160 minutes, there are painfully long stretches where literally nothing happens to advance our story or give us insight into either Ford the coward or James the anti-hero.  And, everything happens so slowly for so long that if you see this film after dark--which is when I saw it--you will be fighting off slumber for many parts of "TAJJCRF."  This is not a good thing.

The performances of Pitt, Affleck and Rockwell are great; Mary-Louise Parker is oddly wasted as Jesse's wife, and Shepard is in the film for far too little.  The score is peaceful, and some of the biographical information of both the time and of James is interesting; I would have liked one or two more sequences to show how bad a man Jesse was prior to this last train robbery; as it is, I thought the film could have done more to paint Jesse as a bad man that had to go.  And, in classic "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" mode, "TAJJCRF" has a REALLY hard time finishing up; just when you think it's over, you've got 15 minutes to go.  Not a good idea.

Overall, though, I must admit that "TAJJCRF" is quite pleasant and will make you think that it wasn't too bad; it just felt a little empty given the situation.  There is vast room for improvement on this project, but as it is, it doesn't suck, that's for sure!

Rating:  Matinee


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