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"American Wedding"

Directed by Jesse Dylan.
Written by Adam Herz.
Starring Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott and Eugene Levy.
Release Year:  2003 
Review Date:  8/8/03


After my friend “Melissa” Kern and I walked out of the theater following our viewing of the third “American Pie” film, “American Wedding”, I was obsessing over all of the trilogies I have seen to date.  Why?  I was trying to think of another film series that relied so heavily on a single character to provide its entertainment like this series has...because, just like the blah “American Pie 2”, “American Wedding” is only watchable because of one actor:  Seann William Scott.

His Stifler is one of the great comedic characters maybe ever; his lines are sometimes quite funny, but Scott’s physical performance is the absolute singular reason to see “American Wedding.”  Really, he has put these three films on his back in a way not seen since Jordan was leading the Bulls to all of those titles; I wondered if the cast and crew of “American Wedding” thought during production

“Man, without this Stifler character, we don’t have shit here.”

because it’s true!!  “American Wedding” features an initial 15 minutes where I thought I might have to get up and leave.  I mean, it is THAT boring.  Then, Stifler shows up at a reception for newly-engaged partners Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) and starts to give the film a little life, even if his first few laughs are courtesy of the film’s trailer.  But, by the time the guys have to travel to Chicago to a gay club, oh, are we in for some good action.  Stifler has a dance-off with a large gay man by the name of Bear...and there was constant laughter for the next two minutes as Stifler and Bear go toe-to-toe trying to outdance one another.  Stifler makes moves on Michelle’s hot sister Cadence (January Jones)...laughter.  Stifler orders strippers...laughter.  Stifler teaches Jim how to dance...laughter.  Stifler reaction shots...laughter.  Stifler eats a “truffle”...uhh, nasty, but I was still laughing my ass off.

And, when Stifler is not around, the movie goes right to shit.  The character of Michelle was a one-trick pony in the FIRST film; how has Hannigan hung around this long?  The relationship that Michelle and Jim have makes no sense to me, and it is very poorly conceived in this film; it doesn’t help that Michelle is essentially reduced to a horny 22-year-old for her only real comedy in the film.  Jim’s friends Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) don’t have much going on here, either; they were pawns in the first two films, but at least Kevin had something to do; here, he is totally wasted.  Finch’s jokes come mostly at the expense of Stifler, so I don’t know if I was laughing at Finch’s jokes or Stifler’s reaction shots, but if I had to was Stifler!  Even the normally-hilarious Fred Willard (as Michelle’s dad) is forced to read bad line after bad line while waiting for another Stifler scene to bail him out.

The melodrama in “American Wedding” is so bad at times that I had to look away and hide my unborn children’s eyes.  The script is just weak and the direction is loose and carefree...not so good when you only have one performer that seems capable of really improvising his own humor.  Then I waited for the credits and had to look up the director online; the same man that brought us “How High” with Redman and Method Man got this gig, giving me the feeling that the producers felt just about ANYBODY could have directed this and it would have made money.  Unfortunately, no one was too concerned about a quality product, either.

For the fourth film--rumored in the works and nearly a certainty given the third film’s opening box office totals--I am hopeful that they call it “American Pie 4: Absolutely Stifler” and stop messing around with this shit.  Stifler is genius; the rest of this is crap.  The potential cult status of the first “American Pie” film is completely erased from my memory because these rat fuckers sold out and tried to make three films.

Rating:  Matinee


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