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"American Pie 2"

Directed by James B. Rogers.
Written by Adam Herz.
Starring Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, and Eugene Levy.
Release Year:  2001 
Review Date:  8/10/01


God bless Seann William Scott, even if he does spell his first name with two n's.

You see, you have to really appreciate a man that knows the age-old adage, “Do one thing, and do it well.”  In the five movies that he has appeared in since 1999's “American Pie”, he has played roughly the same character in each and every single film.  And, he is unsurpassed right now in playing the oversexed teen jock that made him famous:  Steve Stifler.

And, “American Pie 2”—the sequel that reunites Stifler with his high school buddies at a beach house as they celebrate life following their first year away at college—is ONLY successful when Scott is on screen.  You may not like the Stifmeister, but one thing is clear:  he is funny as hell.  Whether he is getting laid, pissed on, objectifying women, kissing other men, or joining in three-way phone sex, Scott has perfected the art of non-acting to the next level.  He is hilarious in this film, and is truly the best reason to watch this sequel.

How could this be?  Well, the biggest reason is because the four main characters are really, surprisingly boring:  Oz (Chris Klein), Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and the pie-man himself, Jim (Jason Biggs).  Oz is still dating Heather (Mena Suvari), so he spends most of the movie talking on the phone with her, since Heather is studying abroad for the summer.  Finch still lusts after Stifler's mom (Jennifer Coolidge), and spends the whole movie practicing tantric orgasms in lieu of her presence.  Kevin still wants to get back together with Vicky (Tara Reid) and Jim...well, Jim needs to figure out how he will deliver on the biggest score of his young life with foreign exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), so he leans on cherry buster band friend Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) to tell him how to improve his sex skills.

So, because nothing has changed for these guys, we count on Stifler to deliver the comedic goods, and he does about 95% of the time.  Unfortunately, there are so many people in this movie that we only get to see him in short bursts and when he isn't around, the movie loses energy...although, the couple sitting behind me and my friend Ross sure didn't lose energy during this film, since they had time to fool around in a crowded Friday audience.  There are literally fifteen characters in “American Pie 2” that get at least three scenes.  In fact, if you were thinking that this sequel would feature *more* of Elizabeth as the too-hot-to-believe Nadia, you are wrong:  She has about the same number of scenes she had in the last film.  Suvari has moved on to more serious work (and, after “American Beauty”, there is no turning back for her), so she seems useless here.  Hell, even Klein has starred in a couple of films since the first pie run, and he seems bored to be around the set of this flick as well.

There are a few funny scenes in-between Stifler shots, and Biggs once again pulls off an incredible performance getting into hijink after hijink as the geeky Jim.  But, the story only seems to provide a different location for the guys to get laid again this summer, and it feels even more disjointed because it was so long...120 minutes is too long for a teen sex comedy, and it shows in the film's final quarter as you find yourself waiting for the big beach house party to commence.

If this movie makes money—and unless all of America's theaters shut down this weekend, that seems an inevitability—you can expect to see these characters again.  Hopefully, the producers of the third film will do one of two things:  a) call it “American Pie 3:  The Stifmeister” and lose all of the series' other characters except for Biggs' Jim, or b) write a story that makes our four heroes get into something more interesting than seeing if Finch will bed Stifler's mom for a third time.  Otherwise, this thing will REALLY run out of gas.

Rating:  Matinee


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