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"American Dreamz"

Directed by Paul Weitz.
Written by Paul Weitz.
Starring Hugh Grant, Mandy Moore, Sam Golzari and Dennis Quaid.

Release Year:  2006
Review Date:  4/23/06


Even though I've never seen "American Idol"--REALLY, I have never seen it--I loved "American Dreamz" thanks to a great mix of satire in writer/director Paul Weitz's script and strong performances from stars in past Weitz productions.

Hugh Grant, who led Weitz's "About a Boy" back in '02, plays pretty much the same type of character he played the last time these two hooked up, this time a self-centered bastard named Martin Tweed.  After getting dumped by his year-long girlfriend in the opening moments of the film, Tweed gets back to his day job: producing the most popular television show in America, American Dreamz, a nationwide competition between 50 finalists to determine who should be awarded a singing contract as a result of winning the show.  The contestants seem to be random candidates but in reality are well-orchestrated ploys by the show's producers to represent just the right kind of star with whom a national TV audience will fall in love.  The lead candidates:  a white trash pop crooner from Podookie, OH named Sally (Mandy Moore), a Jewish rapper named Sholem (Adam Busch), and an Iraqi terrorist trainee named Omer (Sam Golzari) whose mother was blown out of this existence by American military teams but has a strange penchant for Broadway showtune recitals.  Meanwhile, the President (Dennis Quaid, from Weitz's last major release, "In Good Company") is in need of a major ratings boost from the people, so his chief of staff (Willem Dafoe) arranges to have the President appear as a judge on the finale of the popular TV program.

Whoa.  There's a good amount going on in "American Dreamz" (the movie, that is), but the movie is so damned funny that even having no idea how closely Weitz comes to nailing the FOX TV show on which this is based didn't matter...any movie that is so good at nailing a commentary on an out-of-touch President alongside giving us so much good stuff on why the fuck we watch these silly contests where we supposedly can pick the winner based on how many times we vote for somebody through our cell phone is brilliant to me.  The best thing about the humor is its accessibility; it is smart in that it never gets too highbrow, but never drags through the mud or gives us any real toilet, sexual or gross-out humor either.  Just watching Omer's vamping cousin Iqbal (Tony Yalda) yell out in anger while trying to teach Omer how to dance "IT'S JUST A BASS LINE, DAMMIT!" made our audience howl; the performance by Yalda is maybe the best among a crowded field of strong actors, because so many of the bits are small but effective.

Included in that are past Weitz performers Quaid and Chris Klein (from "American Pie"), as Sally's war veteran boyfriend; ever-present sidekick Judy Greer as an assistant on the Dreamz producing team; Noureen DeWulf, stunning in her beauty but also effective as Omer's more vacant, status-happy cousin; and Dafoe, who seems to be taking smaller roles but getting good at them, content to play bit player at this stage in his career.  Moore has real talent; after her stronger acting work in the religious comedy "Saved!" and now this, maybe she will be able to move gracefully from pop star to singer/actor hybrid when (if) her singing career fades.  Golzari hams it up--and glams it up, with the most ridiculous costumes in recent history--as the Iraqi living out the real American dream, and as the credits show, he has good voice talent to go with a pretty good performance as a lackey in the terrorist network that may or may not be willing to fulfill his original purpose.

I was very surprised by "American Dreamz"; good stuff all around.  Maybe now I can see why there were so many promotional showing of this film around town--the filmmakers were pretty confident they had gold on their hands.

Rating:  Opening Weekend


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