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"Adam & Steve"

Directed by Craig Chester.
Written by Craig Chester.
Starring Craig Chester, Malcolm Gets, Chris Kattan and Parker Posey.
Release Year:  2005
Review Date:  4/14/06


Like that girl you hooked up with unexpectedly at that bar in the city where you just happened to be that one time, a full-blown Hard Vice-quality movie ends up on your lap like a Shanghai Surprise that you don't know what to do with but you DO know you've gotta tell someone.

And, in the case of the new romantic comedy "Adam & Steve", Hard Vice permeates through this fucking horseshit early and often, getting so bad that my normally-profane movie partner-in-crime--Mike "Curses" Iacovone, known on these pages as "The Yac"--was sitting in stunned silence, unable to utter even one additional profanity-laced tirade at the screen in an audience that included four people, half of which were us.  But, we HAD to tell somebody that we were witness to this pseudo-Nazi war crime.

"Adam & Steve", written & directed by rookie Craig Chester, stars Chester as Adam, a lonely bird-watching Department of Parks employee who happens to enjoy the sexual company of other men but is having a hard time with the NYC dating scene of 2004.  Enter Steve (Malcolm Gets), the hot, strapping veterinarian-turned-clinical-psychologist that is tired of boning pieces of male ass in the locker room shower stall at the gym where he works out...he wants a relationship.

And then Adam and Steve meet...although, as we see in the film's prologue, these two really met about 18 years before in a very uncomfortable situation.  This will become a problem later, don't you worry!

Yac and I both agreed on this much (besides the fact that this way-too-long dog of a movie was utterly hopeless from the jump):  the script by Chester is actually not too bad.  Chester's direction--and more specifically, his editor--makes "Adam & Steve" a fucking bottom-feeder, with countless bad scenes featuring a complete lack of comic timing, a budget that appears to be paper-thin (despite B-listers Parker Posey & Chris Kattan, as well as a cameo from Julie Hagerty, of "Airplane" fame), punchlines that come too early or more often too late, and strange uses of music, dance numbers and close-ups, in no particular order.  Chester also gets a little too ambitious by trying to make "Adam & Steve" a romantic comedy with too much feeling or drama; you can't have a movie that has so many silly sight gags and a scene where somebody takes a liquid shit on somebody else (I wish I was kidding about this) and expect me to take a guy that is in love with his partner even halfway serious.  Uhh, no.

Wow, this was bad, fucking horrible but in ways that you have to see to really understand; the sad thing is that this is a genre that needs attention (the romantic comedy with a 100% gay storyline, not one where the characters are experimenting after realizing they might be gay, like "Kissing Jessica Stein") but the movie is a disaster!  With a competent director and a veteran comedy film editor, "Adam & Steve" would have been an average experience.  As it is, dogshit.

Rating:  Hard Vice


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