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"A Man Apart"

Directed by F. Gary Gray ("Friday", "The Negotiator").
Written by Christian Gudegast and Paul Scheuring.
Starring Vin Diesel and Larenz Tate.
Release Year:  2003
Review Date:  4/21/03


Yeah, I’m on the Vin Diesel bandwagon (Chuck and I have been since “Pitch Black”), and I’m still hopeful that one day soon, he will make a “Top Gun” or a “Terminator”-like film that will seal his legacy as a solid Hollywood star.  Since I had heard “A Man Apart” was finished in early 2001 (!!), I knew that this would probably not be that legacy-sealing endeavor.  However, I didn’t even think that something like what my friend Colleen said after we watched “A Man Apart” would be the case... 

“Man, Vin Diesel is looking like the next Steven Seagal!!” 

My God, I thought, could it be?  See, “A Man Apart” is nothing special--its plot is standard issue, its cast is vaguely familiar save for Diesel, and its production design often meets or subserves most TV dramas.  The story of a DEA agent (Diesel) out to avenge the murder of his high school sweetheart wife has many of the clichés associated with these druglord/kingpin dramas, right down to a scene where cartel members are blown up in a black SUV with tinted windows right after someone turns the ignition on (Hollywood 101--cartel members don’t drive colored vehicles with tinted windows--just black ones!!).  Diesel plays the angry cop with conviction, and as always he is very watchable, even if the things around him are not all that interesting.  Even the action scenes are surprisingly well done, highlighted by a tight sequence mid-film with a drug bust gone wrong.  Rob and I even agreed after the film that this scene is so good it almost doesn’t belong in this film, as if someone with more talent that the filmmakers of “A Man Apart” made it and spliced it into the wrong final print. 

But, “A Man Apart” never seems to aspire to be anything more than an average drug drama, and it rubs off on the audience.  Rob, Colleen and Sarah Dobson all thought the film was mostly dogshit; I thought it was just better than that because of Diesel and the fact that I love Larenz Tate (“Menace II Society”) and just seeing him up onscreen reminds me of what I thought Tate would end up being--a huge superstar in the making after “Dead Presidents” and “Love Jones.”  Instead, it just never turned out for him and he ends up in this shit. 

And so, you are left with a so-so film that is periodically entertaining but better off left for the video store UNLESS you, too, are on the Diesel bandwagon.  When will Vin make a great movie?

Rating:  Rental


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